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Major Project Pursuit



As an extension of your sales force, you can count on WB Valve Consultants’ experience and industry knowledge. They provide the technical support and ensure that all pursuit strategies are implemented within the project schedule by:

  • Cultivating, building and maintaining strong relationship with the key customers at working/project levels
  • Leading the communication, cooperating with local sales force, and forming project pursuit team structure to cover plant and corporate end user, EPCs and licensor for the pursuit
  • Interfacing with other organizations and functioning to help resolve problems related to major projects to ensure overall customer satisfaction
  • Coaching and assisting project pursuit team and local sales to use best practices and proven project pursuit processes and tools.

WB Valve Consultants has specialist representation throughout six continents.

Project Management




Once a project strategy has been defined, WB Valve Consultants effectively manages all its processes and your expectations—from strategy implementation through to warranty expiration. As your project manager, we:

  • take overall responsibility for project performance, including contract compliance, on-time delivery, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • provide direction and management of a multi-disciplined project team responsible for engineering, quality assurance, planning, procurement and manufacturing
  • build strong customer relations by coordinating project team involvement and participation at customer's pre-award meetings, kick-off meetings, lessons-learned meetings and progress meetings.
  • manage schedules and changes to project which could cause delay

WB Valve Consultants anticipates and deals with issues before they become problems.

Resident Engineering




Our resident engineers are available to facilitate effective up-front design support and provide on-site technical assistance early in the design process to reduce or eliminate costly design changes later in the project cycle. Not only are they responsible for making sure the final product meets the specifications and quality requirements of the contract, our resident engineer also addresses your questions and provides clear direction.

An on-site resident engineer from WB Valve Consultants becomes an expert extension of your business.

Representative Network Development




Whether you’re starting a rep force from scratch or expanding your sales into new markets, WB Valve Consultants helps you develop and implement a successful rep network strategy to:

  • enter a new market quickly and cost effectively
  • expand your customer base through established rep customers
  • lower your product and service cost
  • re-tool your existing network
  • increase your sales