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Product Line Cost Reduction



Cost reduction can result in significant product cost saving, manufacturing cost savings and life cycle cost savings when manufacturing companies implement strategies developed by WB Valve Consultants, such as:

  • Design for manufacturability
  • Lean production by increasing labor productivity and eliminating waste
  • Overhead reduction through build-to-order and mass customization
  • Standardization in procedures and materials
  • Product line rationalization to focus on the most profitable products
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality cost reduction
  • Total cost measurements

Global Sourcing




As worldwide markets become more available, global sourcing is recognized as a long-term strategy rather than a tactical solution for short-term goals. It holds huge opportunities for procurement: companies benefit from lower cost of raw material, faster times-to-market and access to a growing pool of skilled resources, resulting in substantial value to the bottom line.

WB Valve Consultants assists to select or locate suppliers for finished valve components. We qualify potential vendors to ensure they meet your company QA standards and the quality standards as defined by ISO and other regulatory agencies.

Vendor Qualification




Qualifying a potential supplier to determine if they are capable of fulfilling the specified requirement is not solely an auditing process, but rather a quality system in itself for valve components and parts.

  1. Define and document your requirements. This includes: quality standards as defined by ISO, regulatory agencies and your internal QA standards; delivery; service; and price.
  2. How vendors will meet your requirements. A prospective vendor should supply all information that supports their ability to meet your specified requirements, such as if they are ISO approved, if they can perform nondestructive tests.
  3. Determine the best potential vendor and perform an on-site audit. Company documentation, standards, manufacturing, QA and QC, shipping and other critical functions should meet or exceed your requirements.
  4. Once a vendor is qualified, periodic reviews or audits should be performed to ensure a consistent supply and that any new requirements are included into their manufacturing process.

Quality & Industry Certifications




A certified supplier is one who, after extensive investigation, is found to supply material of such quality that it is not necessary to perform routine testing on each lot received. As a manufacturer’s supplier, they meet or exceed all your quality requirements.

Five criteria are widely agreed on are:

  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Technical support
  • Management attitude
  • Cost

WB Valve Consultants work with suppliers to get them certified to meet your quality requirement recognized authorities such as: ISO, API, GOST, PED, MSSP, TA Luft, fire test qualifications, etc.