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  Existing Units for endusers and plant operators
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P&ID Review



P and IDWB Valve Consultants will review your P&ID to identify any special valve requirements for a capital project. We ensure all valves types and designs are rated or designed to be able to withstand the entire range of pressures, temperatures and other conditions for a particular operating unit. All equipment are also checked for materials compatibility to ensure they withstand long-term exposure to the media they come in contact with.

Critical Valve Specification Development




Safety-related or critical valves must stay in operation. While there is no industry-agreed definition of a ‘critical valve’, it is often defined by the conditions of the product, service, performance or hazard. One department may be concerned about its functionality and safety of personnel and plant, while another is concerned about the time lost in production should they have to shut down operations due to unavailability of a particular valve.

Working with your operators and engineers, WB Valve Consultants assess your unit operation and identify the valves that have special needs for reliability and safety. Redundant valve systems, double valves and special types of valves are considered to ensure your plant and personnel remain safe and there are no unexpected shutdowns.

Valve Supplier Qualification




It’s important to inspect your supplier’s facilities to ensure they are complying with the accepted standards and that they have the resources to meet their commitment. All suppliers should maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) suitable to the products and services and certified by an accredited third-party certification body such as ISO 9001.

WB Valve Consultants conducts on-site visits to existing or new suppliers to witness tests per applicable standard such as API 589, inspect plant operations and review documentation. Some of the things we assess include:

  • QMS – to determine whether the supplier’s quality management system meets the applicable standards and is functioning effectively.
  • Operations – to determine whether the supplier has the financial resources, production capacity, and other business resources needed to fulfill production needs and continuity of supply
  • Continuous Improvement– to determine if the supplier’s culture, methods and skills are present to actively pursue continual improvement
  • Technology -– to determine whether the supplier has the needed technical resources, including production and inspection equipment, facilities, engineering, client-specified CAD language/format, etc.
  • Sub-tier Supplier Control – to ensure that products or services procured from sub-tier sources conform to applicable requirements

Valve Supplier Inspection


When your valve is ready to ship, WB Valve Consultants will be there to make sure it meets customer specification and testing requirements. This includes a quality control of the documentation process.